Progress: I did what I said I wouldn’t do!

Several times I’ve written about how careful I will be about running with my extra weight, but did that help? Noooo..! Last monday I went on my running program, and my body felt so heavy (yes, even heavier than it actually is), but I completed the workout not thinking too much about it. But next morning my knee was acting up in a really weird way – It didn’t hurt when I sat still and it wasn’t swollen, but it hurt when I walked normally. At first I was afraid to put any weight on it, because it hurt a lot when I did, but after a while I figured out that I could walk on it as long as my leg was completely straightened.

Now it’s saturday and my knee is still acting up, so I haven’t been able to do any exercise since monday, which sucks! I haven’t seen a doctor, because I think it’s just a minor injury that will heal itself. But I’m really getting impatient and restless – I want to do something!

Anyway, injuries aside.. I’ve managed to lose weight even with no exercise, so at least I have that going for me. Since last weigh-in I’ve lost 0,4 kg. so I’m happy.

Weekly goals

Just a quick followup on last weeks goals 🙂

  • Take “before” pictures (I’m so gonna regret it if I don’t do it)  Still missing a few more pics
  • Measure my entire body (waist, hip, arms, etc.)   Done!
  • Lose that 16.69 lbs 7,8 6,2 5,7 5,3 kg. so I can book my next holiday!!  Making progress!
  • Add measurements to the progression chart Done!
  • Increase my daily dance excercise from 30 minutes to 45 minutes Put on hold while I run instead
  • Stay on track with the running program, doing 3 workouts a week! Bah, injuries!

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