Victory snack!

Weight loss progress: Week 2

I’m so excited! This week I’ve lost 2.87 lbs 1,3 kg., and I’m so relieved! This means I’ve lost 3.53 lbs 1,6 kg. in total and are that much closer to my first weight loss goal.

For the past week I’ve managed to stay away from sweets and I’ve really made an effort to eat healty and stay on track. I’ve also managed to do 30 minutes of Just Dance every day, which is SO much fun. Some time during the next week I’ll increase the dancing time to an hour, because I feel like I can handle it, but don’t want to push too hard just yet. Oh, by the way – the picture is of one of my post workout snacks.. Looks really pleasing to the eye, doesn’t it? It roughly contains 172 calories, so that’s not bad. Continue reading…