Weight loss progress: Week 3

Alright! Time for the weekly weight loss check in which I’ve been nervously looking forward to. For some reason I’ve had a feeling that I haven’t lost any weight since last week, so stepping on to the scale this week was intimidating. 

Luckily I’ve actually lost 0,6 kg. since last week, which is okay. Even though I’ve been very disciplined with my excercise and not touching any sugar, I’ve had a few slip-ups with the food. For the first time since I started my project I had fast food, and I’m pretty sure that was a bad idea. To be honest, it didn’t even taste that good, so it definitely wasn’t worth it.

I’m still loving my excercise, and I’m pretty much always looking forward to it every day, so that’s a big plus. I started out with dancing 30 minutes per day, but the last few days I’ve trying pushing it to 45 minutes. I can feel that I’m not quite there yet, so I’ll do 30 minutes each day this week, and if I’m not too exhausted I’ll throw in another dance or two 🙂

My sugar cravings has pretty much vanished, and even though we have candy in the house, I haven’t felt any urge to eat any of it. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get there, but somehow I’m there – and loving it! Nowadays my candy is fruit with a sprinkle of cinnamon, which is even better than candy!

Keeping track of progress

It’s starting to become a bit tricky to keep track of the progression from week to week, so I’ve decided to add a page with the weekly measurements/weigh ins. Also, I’ve been trying so hard to use international measurements, but the converting from kg. to lbs all the time seems to confuse me. So I’m changing all measurements to kg. from this point on. Anyway, the chart I’m working on can be viewed right here.

Weekly goals

Just a brief follow up on the “things to do” from last week, here’s what’s been done – and what I still need to do.

  • Take “before” pictures (I’m so gonna regret it if I don’t do it)  // I’ll do this today – I promise!
  • Measure my entire body (waist, hip, arms, etc.) // Also, I’ll do this today!
  • Lose that 16.69 lbs 7,8 kg. so I can book my next holiday!! // I’m working on it! 7,8 kg. to go!

Adding a few things to the list:

  • Add measurements to the progression chart
  • Increase my daily dance excercise from 30 minutes to 45 minutes

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