Weight loss progress: Week 4

This weeks check-in is gonna be a bit short, since I’m a busy, busy bee today. 

To be quite honest, I haven’t had the most weight loss friendly week, and I haven’t done any of the things on my “things to do”. It’s a work in progress, and I guess I’ve been having an “off week”, which is okay. It’s important to me that this project doesn’t get too strict so I end up losing motivation and in the end, just give up.

But anyway..! After a week like this I wasn’t expecting to have a positive experience on the scale today, but all I can say is that my body is truly as mystery. I’ve lost – hang on to your seat! – 1,6 kg. since last week! How that is possible with little to no exercise and a huge ass piece of cake is beyond my understanding. I’ve even been eating out twice the past week – without worrying too much about what I ate.

No doubt that I appreciate the result, but it also concerns me that I lose that much by doing all the wrong things. It’s definitely now that I have to be even more focused on keeping on track in order to not fall back into the candy jar (so to speak).

Weekly goals

As I mentioned earlier I haven’t achieved any of the things I set out to this past week, so I’m gonna repeat the goals from last week.

  • Take “before” pictures (I’m so gonna regret it if I don’t do it)  // I’ll do this today – I promise!
  • Measure my entire body (waist, hip, arms, etc.) // Also, I’ll do this today!
  • Lose that 16.69 lbs 7,8 6,2 kg. so I can book my next holiday!! // Still working on it! 6,2 kg. to go!

Adding a few things to the list:

  • Add measurements to the progression chart
  • Increase my daily dance excercise from 30 minutes to 45 minutes

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