Woohoo, vacation time! And a little progress

So, I’ve been slacking off a bit with my weigh-ins, so it’s been roughly 2 weeks since my last update. This one’s gonna be a short one, because I’m leaving for France in a few hours – and my goodness I’ve been looking forward to a vacation of relaxation and nothing else! I’m planning to spend most of the time by the pool reading a good book, so it’s gonna be super nice. 

Anyway! I’ve lost 0,7 kg. since the last update, so things are still on track! I’m very excited to step on the scale when I get back from vacation, just to see how I’ve managed healthy eating while being in “holiday-mode”..

Also, my knee seems to be getting better, but I’m still too scared to start running again. Maybe I’ll take the plunge and give it a go next week, but time will tell 🙂


Goals for next update (post-vacation)

  • Start running/walking/whataever again
  • Add new measurements to the chart
  • Lose more weight!


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